Monday, February 23, 2009

Almost A Year Since Last Update

Wow, it's almost a year since last update. What have I done in the last year ?

*SVD++. This is similar to the SVD++ described by BellKor, or the transdusive MF described by Gravity.

*Expanded KNN, combinations of movie/viewer and raw/residue/binary, and much faster too (raw movie correlation calcuation takes less than 2 minutes now). For all my KNNs, I no longer save huge correlation files, instead the program just calculates correlations and predictions in one pass and saves predictions only.

*Recently got basic RBM working. This is the most confusing model for me. Basically I got it working thru trial and error. I still don't really understand it, and I have yet to make it work on residues of other predictors.

*Read a lot of research papers. I actually spent more time reading papers than writing code.